Heart in the Clouds

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Wow, I can not believe that it's been almost two weeks since my last post. I'm still on bed rest and waiting to hear from the surgeon, although my family doctor and the neurologist figure that I will need decompression surgery. The problem is I already had decompression/fusion surgery in that spot on my spine and they are not sure they can do it again in the same L4/L5 region (have no idea what they are talking about - hate doctor speak!).

I have some of the most wonderful aunts and they have been keeping me supplied with books while stuck in bed. I have read 3 Joanne Fluke books. I am really enjoying those and would love to be able to get into the kitchen and try some of those recipes since they look kind of easy. I have also read Devil Bones by Kathy Reich (she writes for the TV show Bones and the book is based on her character Dr. Brennan). I have just started Just Take my Heart by Mary Higgins Clark.

Between books I have also been able to do some stitching on my WIP Achoo. It still doesn't look like a dog yet but at least it doesn't have that adult in nature look any more. I'm a day late with my TUSAL '10 picture but at least I remember.

The temperature has been in the double digits here +10F to +12F and really sunny and I have been stuck in bed. Here's a picture of Ozzy playing on the last snow bank in the yard. He has his electric collar on and he hates it but it keeps him safely in the yard and off the street so I'm afraid he is going to have to life with it.
He doesn't look very happy does he!

Take care very one and Happy St. Patty's Day

Friday, March 5, 2010

So far March has pretty much sucked!!!

I haven't been able to post every much lately. I thought my legs were getting better then a few days ago I went to get up from the chair and I couldn't move my right foot or toes. After seeing a neurologist, pain management doctor, and a physio therapist; I now have to wait to see a surgeon on the mainland (5 hr drive away from my house). It's looks like I have a pinched nerve but because my back is so bad no one wants to do anything because they can not guarantee that 1) it will fix the problem and 2) that if the surgery does work it won't come back.

So now I'm on bed rest until the mid of next week when I go back to see my family doctor to see if there are any changes.

The only good thing from this, is that I'm getting a lot of reading and stitching done. Hopefully I can get to my computer soon to post some pictures. My son has been amazing and he has been letting me use his laptop so I don't have to get up and go to the computer room to use mine.