Heart in the Clouds

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another beautiful day

Weather wise it was a beautiful day! Sun was shinning and it was quite warm out. Since I was up early decide to take Ozzy for a walk up to the back field.

Here he is waiting for mom to make it up the hill

You would think looking at this next picture that field was huge and went right up to the trees in the background. However there is a 4 lane highway between the field and the line of trees in the background.

Here's the highway. It's never usually this quite. It's only because we were up and out early (well early for me) after morning traffic.

Picture of Pottle's Lake which is one of the major sources of drinking water for our town and surrounding communities. This is only one section of the lake. It's a pretty large lake.

Once we got home Ozzy needed a bath as he was covered in mud. He fell through an icy puddle and got his legs and stomach covered in water and muck.

I think I found my next cross stitch project. I wanted to do some kind of English cottage but I found this pattern instead and really liked them. Just hope I have to the skill level to do them justice.

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