Heart in the Clouds

Friday, January 22, 2010

It was a due nothing day or that's how it seemed.

Kyle wasn't working or sleeping today so we went shopping to get him something for his birthday. I can not believe my baby is turning 19 next week. By the time we got back from shopping my back decided it was done for the day and all the heating pads and the meds in the world are not helping right now.

It was a productive trip as I was able to pick up some things for Kyle and I was able to get my two favorite craft magazines -- Cross Stitcher and The World of Cross Stitching.

Watched the Canadian Hope for Haiti and now watching Hope for Haiti. The stories are so heart breaking and so many children are now orphans. I have been teary-eyed for at least 2 hrs now and there is another 1 1/2 left.

Pic of the day -- Ozzy. He was up to something when I caught him but I haven't figured out what.

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