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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kyle's Birthday

So today was Kyle's birthday, my baby is legally now a man. At 6'4 he has been a "man" for a while now. Still it was a day to remember when; when he was born, when he did this or when he did that. I'm lucky my kid is a good kid and alot of the memories were good ones. I just hope when he reflects back on is early life he thinks fondly and lovingly as I do of him. A mom can dream. Today was also my grandfather's birthday. He thought Kyle/"the boy" being born on his birthday was the greatest gift ever. Like it was a planned event or something...lol. I miss you grandpa!!!

It was a very windy/rainy day here today but extremely mild. Once again no snow. According to the forecast on the radio we might get some snow on the weekend. I'm hoping!!! Didn't get any stitching done as I was doing housework and celebrating.

A picture taken from the window out on the street. I was trying to get the rain. It rained so hard at times it was like snow was falling. I didn't get the picture I wanted but here is a pic of the street.

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