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Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Day

So I went shopping/looking for a new floor covering for my kitchen-dining room with my Dad today. Wow, there are some really nice flooring choices out there but I just want something on the floor not lay gold on the floor. Talk about expensive. I'm thinking of going with a laminate flooring but with a stone look not a wood look (there is a name for it but I can not think of it).

My to do list today included:
Shopping/looking for flooring
look for beads
work on cute as button
find a jar for the 2010 Totally Useless Sal
take Ozzy for a walk
wipe down kitchen counters and appliances
cook supper

I got everything done except for cleaning the kitchen. There is always tomorrow.

So I'm trying to post a picture a day. Well I didn't post yesterday (Superbowl party) but I did remember to take a picture or two of the bit of snow that was falling last night. It was so quiet out on the street last night when I took these pictures. You could almost hear the snow falling very peaceful. Helps that there wasn't any wind and it wasn't that cold.

I'm not really good at French knots yet so I decided to try and use beads for eyes on my cute as a button. I think they turned out okay.

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