Heart in the Clouds

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow what a hockey game.

Okay I can honestly said that up until today I can count the seconds on one hand the amount of time that I watched the Olympics (I'm terrible I know) but other than European football (soccer) I'm not much of a sports person. However, this evening I turned to the last hour of the canadian/usa hockey game. It was an intense game, won in over time 3-2 for Canada (wahooo!!!!). While I was very happy for the Canadians, I also got teary-eyed for the Americans players they looked so heart broken and some were in tears, understandably. I can understand how people get caught up in the game my emotions and nervous were all over the place. I didn't play the game but in some ways it felt like I did...:)

Yesterday it snowed all day and night. Woke up this morning to snow covering everything. It was perfect for snowballs. Not good for shoveling, very wet and heavy. One good thing about a snow storm is you can get some stitching and reading done. Finished my first book by Joanne Fluke, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and I enjoyed it very much.
Picture of our snow cover street this morning at 7 am after the snow plow went by

Picture of my son shovel a path for himself on his way down to get the snow blower from my dad.

Here's an update on my latest WIP - Achoo

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