Heart in the Clouds

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost tonight!!

Is it a bad thing to be excited about the start of a TV show. Tonight is the start of LOST - the final season and I can not wait. It better start answering some questions

I know I said that I only baked if it came out of a can, box or bag but I do make Raisin Buns. It was my great-great grandmother's recipe and I have been making them since I could reach the cupboard. I made them today and because we are on a health kick I switched the cup of sugar for a cup of Splenda. They certainly smelled good and they tasted good but I find they have an after taste from the Splenda. I'm going back to the cup of sugar next time. My son got to the pan before I was able to get a picture of the full pan. He just about burnt his lips off...lol.

Did a bit more stitching on my cute as a button.

I'm off to watch LOST!!!!

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