Heart in the Clouds

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Survivor -- Don't think I'd make it

Had a terrible night sleeping last night (leg was hurting like crazy) and even worse day. I accomplished nothing. Even tried to stitch and was unable to concentrate. Did start reading a new book that my mom bought me. She knows that I love mysteries, and she bought me 3 new books by this author Joanne Fluke. I have never read anything by this author before but what I have read so far I have really liked.

I'm sitting here watching Survivor. I usually don't watch Survivor because I'm watching my fav tv show Supernatural and Vampire Dairies but they are repeats so I'm giving Survivor a try. Besides the physical aspect of the show which I could never do; I would never be able to handle all the lying. I'm terrible at lying everyone says that I smile if I try to lie so that would a be a dead give away. But I think the worst part is that they can be so mean to each other. I understand it's a game but still -- wow!

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