Heart in the Clouds

Saturday, February 6, 2010

some cross stitching, some knitting - it was a good day

So I had the day to myself today. Kyle actually worked a day shift so it was just me and Ozzy home alone. So what did I do with myself while on my own for a change. I scrubbed down the bathroom. Yeah there is loads of fun and excitement.

I did manage to finish off my knitted IPod cosy/purse. It's great for walking I can put my house key and my IPod in it and that's it. This is the 3rd one I have made but it's the only one that I got to keep for myself.

I also did some back stitching on my Cute as a Button project. I just have a few things left to finish stitching.


Deborah said...

Your little purse is darling!!
I would love to find some thing like it as I many times just need cell phone and wheelchair does not give me much room for a purse. Wish I could knit or crochet!!
Purse is grand and so is your "Little" stitching project.
Oh, it is VERY easy for two people and one little dog to completely terorize a home!!

Love and Hugs!!

Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

awww that's sweet!

Nancy M said...

Cute ipod holder! As far as finishing your stitching, there are tons of finishing sites out there to help you decide how you want to make it your own. If you have trouble finding them, let me know.

Jo said...

Love your Ipod purse...mine tends to live in the back pocket of my jeans from morning til night...my whole life is on it!! There are 5 of us and my 3 children make less mess in a week than DH at home for 1 day!!

Mitchie said...

Thank you for the comments on the ipod purse. You are all very kind.