Heart in the Clouds

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spent most of the day doing housework. I'm not sure how 2 people and 1 dog can make such a mess in less than a week - every week. So between dusting, vacuum, and mopping I can hardly move. I did manage to start my new book, The Harlequin. I read a bunch of Laurell K Hamilton books years ago and really enjoyed them so I'm hoping this is going to be a good read but if not I'm only out a $1.99 for a hardcover book. Not a bad deal.

It seems Facebook has changed it layout again. I just got used to the last round of changes that they made and now they have gone and changed it again. ARGH!!!! I'm not much of a Facebook person. I do like it to keep in touch with family.

Since I'm trying to post a pic a day. I forgot to do it so I just took a picture of Ozzy. Usually he is a willing subject, tonight however I had to chase him around the house to get a picture.


Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

Ozzy is a good l@@kin' doggie!

Mitchie said...

Thank you! He's my spoiled fur baby...lol